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Digital Strategy Checklist

In this check list you find the essential activities and organisational functions that you need to implement in order to implement a digital strategy in a fashion brand. You can download this checklist at the bottom of this page. We also have published a complete guide to E-commerce Fashion Strategy and a 10 Steps Digital Strategy implementation guide.

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Digital Strategy Checklist for Fashion

Organization Checklist

  1. Do you have skilled resources in house to define and implement the digital strategy?
  2. Are all functions exposed to digital transformation?
  3. Have you defined a vision of how you company will be organized in 5 and 10 years? 

Commercial Strategy

  1. Have you prepared a Roadmap for the next 3 to 5 years?
  2. Do you know what will be the Key Drivers of the growth?
  3. Has the PNL for ecommerce been defined?

Have all cost items for each function been mapped (product, logistics, shipping, customer service, digital production, digital marketing, software development & licences, payment fees, personnel)

Digital production capabilities

Fashion companies are becoming more and more like media company where the ability to create content plays a critical role in the success of the company.  

  1. Have you implemented a Digital Supply Chain through which all products are digitized and the assets are easy to retrieve and ready to use?
  2. Have you implemented your “story telling” processes?
  3. Have you defined the tone of voice of the brand?

Operations: Logistics & Customer Service

  1. Is your warehouse ready to support an ecommerce business? How many orders can you ship per day? Are you organized for pick & pack? Is your warehouse software integrated with ecommerce? Are you able to process returns efficiently?


  1.  Do you have a digital marketing team in house or has an agency specialized in performance marketing been appointed?
  2. Have you discussed and approved the budget and digital marketing goals?


  1. Have you chosen a commerce platform yet? 
  2. Is the platform able to support your growth for the next 5 years?
  3. Does your platform support an omnichannel strategy?


  1. Have you decided who is going to manage the ecommerce customer service? In house, as a service or hybrid? Who is going to define the procedures? 
  2. How will you measure the customer satisfaction?


  1. Have you decided which will be your KPIs? 
  2. Have you estimated your Average Order Value, Visits, Conversion rate, Average product price and return rate? 

Other than the conversion rate, Average order Value and Traffic Year over Year. There are several other performance indicators that you can use to track the progress of your digital business towards the company goals. Specific digital fashion KPIs can be the number of products added to the wishlist or how many people subscribed to your newsletter. Go to the Fashion Ecommerce KPIs article here. 


The ability to implement projects is what is driving the growth of fashion companies now.

  1. Do you have the capabilities in house for planning and managing complex projects such as launching an ecommerce site in a new market?
  2. Do you have project management skills and resources in house?

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